A premiere independently-owned outdoor store and an integral part of our downtown, Sunlight Sports exists as the connection point between both locals and visitors and the massive wilderness out our back door. Nothing showcases their effort more than THE HIDDEN SIDE OF YELLOWSTONE: A HIKER’S GUIDE TO CODY & YELLOWSTONE. This locally sourced guide to the Cody/Yellowstone outdoor experience is rich with easy-to-follow maps and carefully presented directions to guide you to a perfect adventure – whether that is a half-hour getaway to the outdoors, an intermediate morning trail run, or a gorgeous overnight camp-out


A copy of THE HIDDEN SIDE OF YELLOWSTONE is available for purchase from the Chamberlin Inn Front Desk, or you can take an easy stroll up the block to the brick and mortar location, meet their incredible team, and get the proper gear, along with the guide, for an incredible outdoor experience.