Day 14 – It’s Getting Hot

Day 14
1200 hrs
Latitude 9d 08.8′N
Longitude 130d 31.2′W
Noon – noon = 134nm (yesterday was 172nm) Wind E @ 14kts Course 210m under 90% Genny on the pole.
Distance made from San Diego 1800nm
Distance to Equator 797nm
Distance to Nuku Hiva 1408nm
Distance from Nuku Hiva to Tahiti 862nm

It is very difficult to type under these bucking and yawling conditions.

It is getting very hot. But I will take it after hearing of the record snowfalls and of the miles of sidewalk shoveling at the Chamberlin.

As long as I don’t run any other electronics, the 2 solar panels are keeping the fridge cool. If I keep this up, I may add two more panels in New Zealand.

Hashbrowns, eggs and tortillas for breakfast.

ITCV Primer:
The dreaded Doldrums; officially known as the ITCZ, or Intertropical Convergence Zone. They are a counter-current west to east zone that lies between the northern hemisphere clockwise rotation of the winds and currents (NE Trades, where I am now) and the southern hemisphere counter-clockwise rotation (SE Trades where I hope to be in 4 or 5 days) and why toilets flush counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere. This zone wobbles , continually widening and narrowing. Narrowing more as you get further west from Panama. It can be filled with violent mixed up weather patterns with squalls, wind, rain and lightening.

Typically, at this time of year, you aim to cross at about 130 – 135 W longitude. I am set up to cross about 133d. I may get lucky as I am entering the northern edge. My friend Mike is watching my progess and he informed me that I may have fair winds throughout and should pick up the SE trades at about 2d N. I hope so.

Actually, I don’t mind some of the less severe squalls as they give a boost in speed.
So far so good.

S/V Running Free


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